Car painting supplies

There are lots of reasons that you find yourself needing car paints and related products for your vehicle.   Sometimes it is that you want to change the look of the car and alter its appearance. But more likely, there has been some minor damage to the car and you need to repair the looks with the right paint and other products. That’s where Spraywell Paints can help.

Local car paints specialist

As a local car paints specialists in Worcestershire, we can help you get your car looking just as you want it to. We offer a range of paints and preservatives that will help look after the bodywork of your car, van or other vehicle including synthetic car paint, 2K acrylic car paint and a number of fillers, primers, lacquers, and hardeners.

But how do you know what paint or product you require? The answer is that you use our X-Rite colour scanning service that allows us to match up perfectly the paint on your car with the new product you purchase from it.   And if you have something that you want to use as inspiration for the new car colour, then we can also scan that and use it to colour match.

All the products you need

As well as the paints, we also offer all the products you might need to touch up your vehicle or to alter its appearance. We can supply mixing cups, sealers and abrasives as well as sanding discs and even Scotch pads. We also have safety equipment and masking tape to prevent touching the wrong area while not risking damage untouched paint.

While you might just need small equipment for the task, other times something bigger is required and we can also supply the right gear for the job. From touch up pens through to air tools and air compressors, even welding equipment, we have what you need to get your vehicle back in condition.


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For over 35 years Spraywell Paints in Bromsgrove have been supplying Worcestershire and the West Midlands with its car and automotive paint products, consumables and equipment. From paint touch-up pens to bulk car paint, sanding and masking consumables and spraying equipment we supply it all from our local shop. We serve Bromsgrove, Kidderminster, Stourbridge, Birmingham, Worcester and the whole of the West Midlands. Visit us today or call 01527 835 621 for some advice.